Guidelines on Applying for Double Major, Spring 2018

Under the University Constitution and Regulations in Chapter 4, Section3, Article 35
Academic Operations Regulation Chapter 6, Section 2, subsection 1 on Double Major
1. Eligibility

This regulation applies to freshmen admitted in 1997 onwards

1) Applicants whose 1st major have already been designated are eligible to apply for double major.
2) Applicants should have registered for more than 3 semesters.
3) Transfer students can apply after completing a minimum of one semester at Korea University. KU students who are currently registered as of 2017 Fall semester.
- Students who are on leave of absence at the time of (or during) the application period will be disqualified even after being announced as successful applicants.
4) Students who are already in double major, interdisciplinary major, student-designed major and engineering authentication certificate program are NOT eligible to apply unless students withdraw from the program before November 3th, 17:00pm 2017.
(1) Students who would like to cancel the acceptance of double major and pursue other programs should complete withdrawal procedure.
(2) Re-application to the double major can only be accepted once.
(3) Failed applicants for double major should pursue a single intensive major.

5) Students are NOT allowed to double major in Law School, Department of Computer Science EducationDivision of Computer and Communication Engineering, College of Medicine, College of Nursing, Cyber Defense, College of Pharmacy.
6) Eligibility of Each Department
(1) Seoul Campus
Department of Architecture: applicants should have completed ‘ARCH 221 Visual Communication’ and obtain overall GPA of B (3.0) or above.
(2) Sejong Campus
Electronics-Machinery Convergence Engineering (freshmen admitted in 2004 onwards); Applicants should have completed DSSP151, 152 and DCSC153, 154 and obtain overall GPA of B+ (3.5) or above.
*Applicants for majors indicated above must check their eligibility before applying
2017. 10. 24. 
Academic Administration Division