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“Rediscovering the Value of Life and Material: Division of Biotechnology”

Creating a foundation for a convergence of life sciences and applied studies

With globalization comes a pressing need to secure national competitiveness. The Division of Biotechnology, in the belief that one of the ways to occupy a place of advantage in this competition among nations is the creation of new materials and highly-valued technologies, is putting in a considerable effort towards this end. It is, firstly, at an advantage in this intense competition to show the limitless potential for the development of life sciences, through the direct and indirect convergence of microbiology, plant and animal biology. Its goal is a flexible convergence between the basic sciences (that relate to the production of life science industries) and the ultimate manifestations of modern life sciences in genetics, proteomics, metabolomics, bioinformatics, structural biology and nano-biotechnology. The Division of Biotechnology realizes the modern trend to pursue the practical application of science; thus, it focuses not only on basic education and research, but also on the connections between industry, education and research, thereby leading the development of life industry and eco-friendly pharmaceuticals.

The modern trend in life sciences illustrates that basic biology is being connected to applied life sciences. As the demand for life science industrial technologies increases in society, so does the demand for experts in that field, in universities, research facilities and corporations.
Accordingly, graduates are actively entering research facilities in life sciences and biochemistry, among many other fields.

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