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Graduation Requirement

Graduation Requirements

Note: Update your contact information on Portal Website (necessary for important notice)
1. Basic Requirements for Graduation

Graduation from the undergraduate degree course requires students to satisfy all the requirements stipulated in the following subparagraphs:

  • (1) Completing all credits required for graduation
  • (2) Acquiring at least the minimum number of credits from general education curriculum required by each department (or division)
  • (3) Acquiring at least the minimum credits required for a second major and for a basic major programs of the first major or completing an intensive major course
  • (4) Achieving an overall GPA 1.75 or higher for the entire period of study
  • (5) Satisfying other special requirements for graduation set by each department (or division)
  • (6) Korean Language Proficiency : Test of Proficiency in Korean(TOPIK) level 4 or above
2. Submission of Certificates for Graduation & Notes for Prospective Graduates
  • A. Submit certificates required for graduation (February graduation by January 20; August graduation by July 20).
  • B. Check graduation-related matters frequently during the semester.
  • C. Check your graduation credit requirements of your department & entrance year
    • (1) You must complete one of Intensive major, Double major and Interdisciplinary major in accordance with obligation of the secondary major. (But, the secondary major is selected for transferred students on bachelor degree)
      If you choose intensive major as a secondary major, Total Credit: Minimum credits for graduation 130 credit General education(Check mandatary courses) + 1st major(42) + Intensive major(30) + General course(Remain credits)
3. Disqualified for graduation

Students who have failed to acquire the credits required in all credits for graduation (e.g., general education, major, total required credits).

4. Completing the course

Students who have completed the credits required for graduation but have failed to fulfil other conditions (e.g., Graduation Thesis) do not need to register for additional courses or pay tuition (those who have been approved as a completed students only).

5. Confirmation of the English names of prospective graduates and application for revision (newly input)
  • A. Confirmation and application
    • Confirmation: Portal Login > Registration & Graduation > University Registration > Registration Inquiries
    • Application: name in Korean and English and student number should be sent to Division of Biotechnology Office

    - The English name should be identical to the one in the passport.

  • B. Period
    • Prospective February graduates: From the beginning until the end of December
    • Prospective August graduates: From the beginning until the end of June
  • C. Note: Students who do not enter their English name are not provided with a Certification of Degree in English.